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English Pubs have a long history dating back 2000 years ago when the Romans gave the English people their first pubs. The Victorians invented the term "pubs". Pubs is short for Public Houses. For more English Pubs History check out our history page.

Find out what kind of food is served in an English Pub. It ranges from entire meals, to the snack type pub foods. There are many English ales to wash down that delicious English food.

Looking for an English Pub in your neighborhood? We will show you where to go to find your nearest English Pub whether you are in America or in England.

What do they do in an English Pub? English pubs are sort of like an American Bar and Grill. They can be fancy or very casual, depending on the particular pub. There is something for everyone there!

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We hope you enjoy your visit here. Jonathon B Pub is an English Pub in Traverse City, Michigan. They serve awesome English food and spirits. We think you will enjoy the atmosphere as well as the food. Try them out if you are in the local area. You will find out about the history of English Pubs, where to find an English Pub in both America and in England. You will learn how to cook the delicious pub food served in English Pubs. We have recipes, sample menus, and much more to delight novice as well as the person who has been going to English pubs their entire lives!

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